Our Goal is to serve our communities surgical and non-surgical endodontic care based on cleanliness, organization, friendliness and excellent endodontics.

Our office takes pride in maintaining the highest possible level of infection control.

We are committed to leading our profession through integrity, innovation and patient satisfaction.

Microscopic Endodontics

In an effort to enhance excellence in endodontics, our office is equipped with the latest innovations in the field. Our microscope is the “state of the art” when it comes to allowing us to see the tiniest and most complex portion of your tooth. Increased light and magnification allows us to reduce the number of office visits and reduce cases that need surgery. The best sterilization equipment and barrier techniques such as surgical gowns, gloves and masks are a must.

Digital Endodontics

Computers play an important role at Pettitt Dental. They are used to track appointments, record treatment details and for managing insurance information. We can also use them to capture, store and transmit dental images.

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Office Hours  alternate weekly. Your appointment will be scheduled accordingly. PLEASE understand the answering service cannot make appointments or accept cancellations.