1. How do patients benefit from seeking the care of a board certified endodontist?

The inordinate amount of time and effort that goes toward the years to prepare for becoming a Diplomate and for board certification is voluntary. It demonstrates an inner drive for professional growth and the desire for the highest possible achievement in knowledge and skills. It ensures the patient their endodontist understands and applies new research and advances in the practice of endodontics.

2. What do patients need to prepare for their appointment?

    • Please notify the staff of any medical condition or medications that may be a concern prior to treatment. e.g. joint replacements, dialysis, diabetes, artificial heart values, etc.
    • If you have a referral card, please read to the staff what the expectations are of the referring doctor so that the adequate amount of time can be scheduled.
    • If you have dental insurance please provide the information before your appointment so that the staff can begin the investigative process to eliminate any potential surprises.
    • Please eat and continue all medications as recommended by your medical doctor before your appointment. If there is a concern regarding antibiotic pre medications, we are happy to address your questions.
    • Please try not to take pain medication at least 6 hours before your office visit. Providing an accurate diagnosis may be more difficult if the patient has taken pain medication prior to their appointment.

3. Will it hurt?

The entire staff will exhibit the utmost compassion and care for your comfort, both physical and emotional. Sometimes inflammation and infection may require additional injections. You can be assured of the latest in anesthetic alternatives and techniques to enhance profound numbness.

4. Should I be concerned about the digital x rays?

Radiographic images help the dentist detect problems not visible with just a clinical exam. There are many benefits to using digital images over the traditional dental x-ray images. One of the biggest benefits is that they require very low levels of radiation exposure and this makes the risk of potential harmful effects very, very small.